🇺🇸 I am a lifelong resident of Morris Plains, apart from college and the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. I returned with my wife Theresa to raise our children in the same wholesome town I grew up in. We chose to move back to Morris Plains because we valued not only the town services, but the way of life in Morris Plains. The Community of Caring represents a safe, friendly community which looks after its residents and welcomes newcomers and visitors alike.

🇺🇸 With three children, James 19, Colin 18, and Ryan 15, I have dedicated the past 19 years to our town’s youth. As year-round coach of soccer, basketball, and baseball, and a CCD teacher, I have had the privilege of meeting many parents and children, learning what their needs and concerns are. I served on multiple school board committees fighting against combining districts into mega-districts and fighting against ceasing busing for our children. I was the inter-town liaison for soccer, representing Morris Plains with Morris Township and Morristown. I had the privilege of serving on the Morris Plains Basketball Association (MPBA) for 14 years, 5 of those as president. I was instrumental in: growing the program into one of the largest and most affordable multi-town leagues in the area; building the basketball courts at Community Park; donating a new scoreboard and a new gym floor at Borough School; purchasing a new sound system for the town; along with many other projects. I was just recently honored with the award of “Volunteer of the Year” from the Morris Plains Recreation Commission.

🇺🇸 My family has strong roots in Morris Plains that date back 175 years. Growing up in town and being the son of our town Historian, I spent years learning about our history and how all aspects of our town came to be. I believe that knowing where we came from and how our community developed is vital to the preservation of our services, our way of life and our property values.

🇺🇸 I attended school at Community Park, which is now the Community Center, Borough School, and Morristown High before heading to Providence College in Rhode Island. As a student, I worked as a paperboy delivering the Star Ledger, at Ronnie’s Deli which is now Chase Bank, as a cook and lifeguard at Community Park Pool, at the Morris Plains Pharmacy and in the office of St Virgil’s Parish. All of this strengthened my understanding of who we are as a town and what we need to move forward as a community. Coming from a multi-generational family of residents, I have a strong understanding of the needs of our community from our youth to our seniors.

🇺🇸 As a 25-year member of the hospitality industry and a private owner of a tourism company, I know how to collaborate with people of all backgrounds to help them reach their goals both personally and financially. Through contract negotiations, research, fiscal responsibility, and customer service, I have helped build strong and prosperous organizations. I will take use these skills to listen and learn from all our residents and move our town into the future with the same drive for success.

🇺🇸 Anyone who knows me, knows that I will listen to everyone’s thoughts, analyze the data by looking towards our history and our future, and then base my decisions on what is BEST for Morris Plains as a whole.